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Amy Galliers



Ashley Ford

Parent Liaison

Southwest Regional Resource Center

  • April Goodwin, Program Director

  • Amy Lason, Quality Improvement Consultant

Branch Intermediate School District

  • Kris Jenkins, Branch ISD Superintendent

  • Cynthia Rowe, Early Education Coordinator/Head Start Director

  • Diane Shiery, Business Manager

  • Tonia Vorce, Accounts Receivable

  • Suzanne Coco, Early On/Early Head Start Coordinator

  • Jill Knaack, Education/Professional Development Specialist

  • Jeanne Asher, Teacher Mentor/Curriculum Specialist

  • Cody Blair, Education Coach

  • Laurie Whitehead, Head Start/GSRP Center Manager

Child Abuse Prevention Awareness

of Branch County

Visit Facebook page HERE.

  • Lori LaBundy, Director

Coldwater Community Schools

  • Terry Whelan, Superintendent

  • Clair Dean, Coldwater School Board Member

Branch County Community Foundation

  • Colleen Knight, President and CEO

  • Erica Heminger, Program and Donor Relations

Branch County United Way

  • Kevin Sheppard, Director

Early Childhood Investment Corporation

  • Mike Tighe, MELBA Project Manager

Pines Behavioral Health Services

  • Jean Weber, Director of Outpatient Services

Michigan Department of Health

and Human Services – Branch County

  • Kim Willis, Child Welfare & AP Program Manager

Branch County Health Department

  • Rochelle Agar, School Health Educator

ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital

  • Kristin Smith, Director of Patient Experience

Branch County Coalition Against

Domestic and Sexual Violence

  • Kim Hemker – Director

Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Cayden Sparks, Executive Director

Board of Director Members are expected to:

  • Agree and promote the mission and goals of the GSC; understand the purpose of the GSC, their role and responsibility as a member, and actively participate in planning and decision making;

  • Attend or send formal representation to the GSC meetings on a regular basis; and commit resources and make decisions on behalf of the organization/agency (for organizational representatives).

Parent Coalition

Early Childhood Stakeholder

The Early Childhood Stakeholders are individuals, organizations, and/or groups that

have a vested interest in the success and welfare of the early childhood outcomes of our

community. This includes all parties that are directly affected by the success or failure of a child ages 0-8 years and their families, as well as those indirectly affected. 

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